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As the leading Omega 3 wholesale manufacturer in the world today, Nutrifynn Caps takes pride in offering only the purest, most potent fish oils available today to our clients. Those in the market for an Omega 3 wholesaler can trust in us for natural, clean, high quality fish oils as well as labeling, bottling and packaging. Since 1994, we have been a trusted leader both in the U.S. and internationally as a source of natural, pure products that are free of environmental contaminants.

We understand the demand for high quality natural supplements today, as more and more consumers look to organic products to improve and maintain health. The fish oil industry is one that is highly competitive; you want an Omega 3 wholesale manufacturer you can rely on for highly potent, effective and safe products. We secure our fish oils from the areas known for fish with the highest levels of EPA and DHA, these deep water seas produce incredibly high quality fish oils. As a highly reputable Omega 3 wholesaler, we provide superior fish oil products at the most competitive prices you will find.

Nutrifynn Caps has a reputation for not only delivering pure, potent products but exceptional customer service as well. We pride ourselves on the fact that not only can we offer great products at a great price, but offer a product development team that is skilled and knowledgeable, ready to help formulate products to your exact specifications. As a well-known and reputable Omega 3 wholesale manufacturer, our goal is to deliver the products you want in a timely, professional manner. Whether you are in the market for regular Omega 3 oils, or those higher in DHA or enhanced with additional vitamins D or E, you can rest assured that you will always receive the highest possible quality products.

When you are in search of an Omega 3 wholesaler, one of your primary concerns is price. You want to be able to be profitable, but you do not want to sacrifice purity and quality in order to remain competitive. At Nutrifynn Caps, our prices are affordable and you never have to sacrifice quality; we feel strongly that offering superior products at competitive prices is what has made us the trusted leader we are today.

For almost two decades, Nutrifynn Caps has been a world leader in Omega 3 wholesale manufacturing. We offer the complete solution for those in the market for pure ingredients, packaging, dependable customer service, affordable prices and delivery. As an Omega 3 wholesaler, creating unparalleled products is our business, and our passion. Contact us today for all of your fish oil needs.

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