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Are you looking for custom supplement bottles or vitamin bottles? Consider custom bottles at Nutrifynn!


Nutrifynn Caps offers supplement and vitamin bottles that are created according to your vision of what you desire for your products. Since 1994, we have been a worldwide industry leader in supplement bottling, helping both distributors and branded companies in creating premium gelcap and capsule bottles that capture the interest of the consumer. We realize that the product inside must be of the highest quality, but we also realize the importance of the “entire package” when it comes to gaining consumers’ trust and loyalty.

Vitamin bottles come in an assortment of sizes; some are small for those who want a 30-day supply, while others are larger and capable of holding 60, 90 or even 500 vitamins or supplements. Our supplement bottles are available in a wide array of sizes and colors; we even work with our clients in private labeling, so that you can clearly communicate your brand and remain competitive in the market.

At Nutrifynn Caps, we realize that vitamin bottling is an important aspect of whether your product will be successful. Consumers pay attention to the way the supplement and vitamin bottles look, and choose those that look most appealing. Color, size and labeling affect how those potential customers perceive your products, and the outside packaging often makes an impact on what the consumer trusts they will find inside.

You can find countless manufacturers who offer supplement bottling; however, it is important that you realize that the bottling process is not the same from one manufacturer to the next. If you are purchasing fish oil products we are happy to do the bottling for you; we are also happy to bottle your fish oil supplements and return them to you. The process involved in vitamin bottling is extremely important, as you do not want your product to oxidize or become contaminated.

At Nutrifynn, we are the trusted source for all of your supplement bottling needs. In fact, we are the experts in the industry not only for vitamin bottles, but private labeling, fish oil product formulation, and packaging as well. We provide a complete solution for those who want a superior product packaged in a way that sets their goods apart from the rest. For nearly two decades, we have been the preferred supplier for supplement and vitamin bottles both in the U.S. and internationally. Contact us today for all of your health supplement needs.

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