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Nutrifynn provides custom Shark Oil packaging to supplement wholesalers and vendors.


You can rely on Nutrifynn Caps for all of your shark oil bottling, labeling and packaging needs. Since 1994, we have been the preferred source of various fish oil products, much of this success due to the unparalleled quality and pure, clean ingredients we offer. While we realize the importance of the purity of ingredients used in manufacturing supplements and vitamins, we also realize that the process of shark oil bottling and shark oil labeling are just as important in the way your potential customers perceive your products.

Whether you are a branded company, distributor or reseller looking for products to offer your customers, we offer shark oil packaging services that are unmatched in the industry today. From securing the raw materials to creating the final product precisely to your needs, we are a trusted source across the nation as well as internationally. In today’s society, more and more consumers are relying on natural supplements and vitamins for good health. However, the outward appearance of those products can mean the difference between a product that disappears from the shelf and one that continues to go unnoticed. This is why shark oil bottling and labeling are so important to your success and profitability.

Shark oil bottling is just one area where we succeed beyond your expectations. We offer bottles in various ounce sizes, as well as colors that will work with the shark oil labeling you choose whether you desire bottling of our supplements or your own. Our private brand labeling allows you to clearly communicate your brand, which is important for building trust with consumers. When it comes to shark oil packaging, we are the manufacturer who will help set the products you offer your customers apart from the competition.

At Nutrifynn Caps, we secure the fish oils we use from certain deep water seas, due to the fact that fish from these seas have been shown to be higher in levels of DHA and EPA. As reputable bulk manufacturers of essential fish oil products, we know the importance of pure, potent, high-quality ingredients, but we also realize that the bottling, labeling and packaging of your shark oil products are just as important. The consumer typically makes a buying decision based on the visual appeal of the product, and by reading the label.

As a distributor, branded company or reseller, depend on Nutrifynn Caps for all of your shark oil bottling, labeling and packaging needs. From start to finish, we offer excellence in both products and services that is unsurpassed in the industry. Contact us for all of your supplement needs today, and learn why we have been the preferred source of so many clients for nearly two decades.

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