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At Nutrifynn Caps, we have been a trusted source for Omega 3 bottles for nearly two decades. Not only do we supply bulk fish oils that are formulated to the specifications of our clients, we offer Omega 3 bottling as well. We are proud of our products, from the pure, potent raw materials we use in formulating our products to labeling, bottling and packaging.

We understand the importance of the outward appearance of the products our distributors, branded companies and resellers offer their customers. As a full range provider, we offer Omega 3 bottles that are ideal for private labeling; our bottles are available in various sizes and ounces, so that you can have your fish oils packaged precisely how you want them.

We are a worldwide leader that excels in all aspects of fish oil production, including Omega 3 bottling. The appearance of the bottle you choose often plays a role in whether your customers buy; color, size and labeling affect how potential customers perceive your product. You may desire Omega 3 bottles that are filled with the natural, clean fish oils we manufacturer, or you may choose just the bottles if you prefer. Additionally, our private labeling services help ensure that your bottles clearly represent your product and brand in a way that make you stand apart from the competitors.

At Nutrifynn Caps, out Omega 3 bottling process is performed in a way that ensures that the oils remain pure and are not oxidized. When you choose a supplier for your fish oil products, the processes that are used to package the product are just as crucial as the purity and high quality of the fish oils placed inside the bottles.

We take pride in our superior quality products, customer service, packaging and quick delivery of your order. In fact, Nutrifynn Caps offers the industry’s fastest turnaround times of just 12 to 24 hours on quotes submitted via our website, or through our talented and knowledgeable team of product advisors. It is easy to understand why most companies would believe that Omega 3 bottling is a standard procedure practiced by all fish oil manufacturers, but the fact is that how the fish oil is bottled makes all of the difference in retaining the potency and purity.

If you are in the market for Omega 3 bottles, count on the worldwide leader in the industry – Nutrifynn Caps. Contact us today for all of your bulk fish oil needs.

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