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Nutrifynn is a leading Nutraceutical Manufacturer


As a highly regarded supplement, nutritional and nutraceutical manufacturer for nearly two decades, Nutrifynn Caps supplies branded companies, distributors and resellers around the world with highly potent and pure fish oils. Those who demand clean, high quality ingredients can depend on us to deliver beyond your expectations. We are a supplement manufacturer who offers an all-in-one solution, from creating various formulations to bottling, labeling, packaging and fulfillment for branded companies in need of storage capabilities.

Those in the market for a nutritional manufacturer you can depend on for the purest ingredients that are free of environmental contaminants can count on us to deliver. We secure our fish oils from deep water seas, primarily due to the fact that studies have shown these fish to be higher in levels of EPA and DHA. As a trusted nutraceutical manufacturer, we know that your success hinges on the quality of the product you offer consumers. We provide only the best in everything we do.

Nutrifynn Caps is a preferred supplement manufacturer both in the U.S. and internationally, because of our commitment to excellence. Whether you are in need of Omega 3 formulations or Krill, Tuna, Cod Liver or Shark Liver Oils, we are a leading source of oils that are guaranteed to be pure, clean and highly potent. As a nutritional supplement manufacturer, we work closely with you in every aspect of the process to meet your goals and visions for your company.

We are proud to offer you the services of our product development team as well when you need formulations created to your unique specifications. Our success as one of the most reputable supplement manufacturers allows us to create pure, potent products and offer our clients the other services necessary for a successful finished product; we also offer private labeling to branded companies, as well as storage capabilities should you need us to store your products for you, then ship them when you need them.

Nutrifynn Caps has been a trusted nutritional manufacturer since 1994, providing our clients with exceptional products and services that not only offer your customers the best in quality and purity, but allow you to enjoy great profits. Whether you are a brand company, distributor or reseller, count on us when you are in need of a trusted nutraceutical manufacturer that is second to none.

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