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At Nutrifynn Caps, our products go through a rigorous fish oil raw materials selection process to ensure that the products you get are pure, potent, clean and of the highest possible quality. Since 1994, we have been a leading source worldwide for branded companies, distributors and resellers who want nothing but the best for their customers. In creating various products to promote good health, the fish oil raw materials process is essential; fish from certain areas are highly potent and contain greater levels of EPA and DHA.

It is important that supplements including gelcaps and capsules have no “fishy” odor or aftertaste, another reason that the quality of the raw materials used in fish oil are so essential. As a leading provider of these products for nearly two decades, we know that levels of DHA and EPA found in deep sea water fish a variety of seas provide the highest potency, which makes for a superior product. Today, the fish oil industry is one that is highly competitive because of the health benefits offered by Omega-3’s, Shark and Cod Liver Oils, and Tuna and Krill Oils. Our fish oil raw materials selection process is so rigorous because we demand only the best for our clients.

As experts in our industry, we realize that almost 95% of raw fish available today is simply unsuitable for use in the high quality products we provide. Our product development team will work with you to create formulations to your specifications, using only the finest oils that are free from mercury, lead and other environmental contaminants. We believe that the fish oil raw materials selection process is so important, because a product is only as pure as what goes in to it.

Whether you choose Omega-3 fish oils that are pharmaceutical grade, enhanced for a higher concentration of DHA or those that have added vitamins, you can rest assured that the quality we offer is unmatched. Our quality control measures ensure that throughout the process, raw materials remain pure and clean. Due to the high standards of our fish oil raw materials selection, you can rely on the fact that the product you receive is as natural and pure as possible.

At Nutrifynn Caps, we provide our customers with only the best in fish oils, packaging, customer service and delivery. Our products are natural and pure, which means the benefits are enhanced due to less treatment of the raw materials used in the process. If you are in the market for fish oil products that are “closer to nature” and in their most pure form, count on us for superior products for all of your needs. Contact us today, and learn why we are the most trusted and reputable source for fish oil products around the world.

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