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Nutrifynn Caps has been in the fish oil bottling business for nearly two decades, supplying our customers with premium gelcap and capsule fish oil bottles designed to meet your unique needs. While we are the world-wide industry leader in the highest quality fish oil available today, we also work with customers for all of their packaging needs, providing timely service and extremely competitive prices.

We believe you will find our fish oil bottling services exactly what you need; our private label bottling allows you to be in control, determining bottle size, ounces, color and other factors that make your packaging appealing. When you want your brand to stand out, we offer fish oil bottles that will meet your specifications. We realize that brand companies have a vision for their product, and we offer the solutions in order to make your vision a reality.

Whether you offer Omega-3 fish oils, Cod Liver or Shark Liver Oil, Tuna or Krill Oil or other products to your customers, the fish oil bottles you choose can make a huge impact on whether people buy. Packaging is one factor in making a purchasing decision; it often determines whether your product captures the eye and attention of a potential buyer. At Nutrifynn Caps, we work closely with you to ensure that we meet all of your fish oil bottling needs so that you can enjoy an indelible brand.

Of course the labeling on your fish oil bottles is one essential aspect of how appealing your product will be. This is another area where we exceed beyond your expectations! Our expert product development team will work one-on-one with you, helping to ensure that the end result of the fish oil bottling process is exactly what you are striving for. Our mission is to meet our clients’ needs on time, every time, delivering products that are unmatched in terms of quality ingredients, packaging and price.

You have a vision for your product, we offer the solutions. When you desire fish oil bottles that perfectly represent your brand and appeal to the customer, count on Nutrifynn Caps to deliver beyond your expectations. Since 1994, we have proudly been the leaders across the nation and internationally when it comes to high grade fish oil products, packaging and bottling. Contact us today, and see why more distributors and brand companies rely on us for all of their fish oil needs.

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