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Key to Customer Success at Nutrifynn Caps is “Quality Manufacturing”

For nearly two decades, the principles of Nutrifynn Caps, Inc. have provided their clients with the most superior private label nutritional supplement products at the most competitive prices, while maintaining the industry’s highest level of customer service. Our objective has been and always will be to give distributors and brand companies a competitive advantage by maximizing their profits utilizing our services, regardless of product type.

In the U.S. and internationally, we provide unparalleled private label nutritional supplement manufacturing, bottling, labeling, packaging and order fulfillment, an all-in-one solution for our customers.

Nutrifynn Caps is the source behind your brand products – which consumers demand!

Product Development

Nutrifynn Caps boasts a talented and experienced team of product developers who are capable of creating any nutritional oils, vitamins, minerals, natural and organic formulations to your exact specifications. Sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements are other areas in which we excel. Our goal is to take your vision for your products and provide the solution, making your vision a reality. Whether you are a branded company, distributor or reseller, trust in Nutrifynn Caps to deliver beyond your expectation is everything we do.

Innovative Features

  • Over 300+ Stock Nutritional Oils, Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Supplements
  • Custom Formulations of Soft-Gels, Capsules and Tablets
  • Expert Ingredient Sourcing Partners
  • Premium and Naturally Organic Products
  • Superior Private Label Bottling
  • Unmatched Fulfillment & Logistics Services

Around the world, we enjoy a stellar reputation as a trusted private label vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturer – and we deliver.

Whether you need 500 bottles, or 100,000 bottles, we invite you to EXPERIENCE NUTRIFYNN today!